Bucket List

In an attempt to follow through on my plan to enjoy life more and plan life less I've thought up a few tasks that I hope to achieve at some point while I'm breathing.  Some I may do this week, some may take a little longer, but I hope to satisfy each at some point in my (hopefully very long) lifetime.

Raise children - I don't need to supply the farm with slave laborers but I would like to see the world from the eyes of a mini-Disney and help them learn and grow in it.
Get married - I have no desire in making any oath to any diety but I do admire those that love and respect each other so much they want to celebrate and share that with their closest family and friends.
Parasailing - I love the tourist ads with happy parasailers flying in the air, although my extreme fear of the ocean has kept me from trying.
Snorkling - also hampered by my fear of the massive body of saltwater full of creatures I can't identify that don't require oxygen and want to eat me alive.
Shoot a gun - I don't wish to join the NRA or anything but I would like to be comfortable in the presence of a firearm.
Go to Europe - I will do this. Some day.
Have sex in public - I can't say I've never done this but I can say I've never done this for the pure excitement of it, as opposed to just being an inebriated mass of hormones.