Can I ask you a personal question?

I'm guessing Maxim or Men's Health recently ran an article on how to start a conversation with a hot girl on a dating site and bullet one is:  "Ask if you can ask her a personal question."

Why do I think this? Because in the past four days I have received at least a dozen of these exact messages.

Here's my universal answer: 

No! You don't personally know me so there is no way you could ask me a personal question. Even if I agreed to answer said question, you don't know my person. 

For the record, "Are you looking to make a connection and develop a real relationship or just looking for a casual fling?" is NOT a "personal" question. It's just a question, and a bad one at that. Is, "I just want to get bent over a railing and banged till my brain bleeds," a "personal" answer?

I get it, draw her in by asking her about herself and then she'll think you care about what she thinks, or that she thinks at all. We know your game, guys. We know you just want to get laid and you couldn't care less about our thoughts and dreams.

Truth: I don't care if you think either! If I start to care, well, then you've got the golden ticket. Until then, relax. Stop trying to creep into my head and just tell me I'm pretty.

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